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Short Stories

A collection of short stories and published works by the Swamp Crow artists

Marinel Cover

Song of The Marinel
The Hill, The House, and The Hollow
by Kevin Stevens

"Did you know there is a song the black crow sings in secret. It is mournful and quiet and full of hope. It echoes in her hollow bones and brings order to the chaos of the changing seasons. It is only sung in the heart of the woods when the moon is full and the world is at rest."
On the top of a hill at the edge of a forest a young girl is given a gift from an unlikely acquaintance.
As their springtime meeting blossoms into a kindred love, the child learns of a great secret and discovers that even the smallest of us have a role to play in putting the chaos of the universe into order.

The Misanthrope & The Mouse
by Candace Kronen

Inspired by the album The Misanthrope & The Muse by Kevin Stevens, this short story weaves the tale from the smallest perspective through the world of the album. Each chapter delicately capturing the essence of of the music as our inquisitive adventurer embarks on his own journey of discovery. 

TM&TM Full Art 2


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