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//Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Aspiring Bog Witch

Candace Kronen


Candace Kronen, a singer-songwriter and poet living in Ottawa, Ontario, knits together emotion and introspection through her evocative work. Her artistic journey delves into the depths of self-discovery and navigates the tumultuous waters of love, grief, and family life. With a keen eye for the interconnectedness of the world around us, she merges themes of nature with the inner landscapes of the human experience. 


Candace gathers inspiration through feeding the birds on her nature walks, eavesdropping on strangers in public places, and engaging in conversations with her 5 year old daughter, who is also an aspiring poet/scientist/superhero. 


Candace is currently compiling poems for her first chapbook, and she also plays music as one half of The Rock Candies. Their upcoming EP, See You on the Styx, will be released in the summer of 2024. 


See You On The Styx
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