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//Doom Folk Duo

The Rock Candies

Rock Candies Profile


The Rock Candies is an Ottawa-based songwriting duo composed of husband-and-wife team, Rob and Candace Kronen. The pair combine their individual backgrounds in poetry, songwriting, and musical performance to layer poignant, reflective lyrics on top of masterful instrumentation. Their music blends folk, blues, and old-time influences with some unexpected twists to create a sound that is both familiar and refreshingly innovative, which they fondly refer to as “doom folk.” 

Currently, the Rock Candies are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming EP, "See You On The Styx." This new project promises to deliver six tracks that highlight the versatility and creativity of the duo, featuring striking vocal harmonies amidst emotional musical arrangements. With this upcoming release, Rob and Candace continue to push the boundaries of their craft, inviting fans old and new to join them on their musical journey.


See You On The Styx
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