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//Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Multi Instrumentalist, Producer

Rob Kronen

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Rob Kronen is a versatile guitarist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, celebrated for his eclectic mix of blues, folk, rock, and avant-garde music. Hailing from Syracuse, NY, Kronen's musical journey has taken him across Tennessee and Pennsylvania, ultimately leading him to his current home in Ottawa. His discography includes three full-length albums—Neanderthal (Blue), Notes from the Electric Desert, and American Flood, Part 2—as well as an EP titled American Flood, Part 1. His innovative sound often features slide guitar and looped guitar effects.

Kronen's academic and professional achievements highlight his dedication and talent. He earned a Chancellor's Award from the SUNY system for his senior thesis, a symphony composed for four ensembles. His recognition extends beyond academia; in 2014, he won the Square Room Singer-Songwriter Showdown in Knoxville, TN, showcasing his exceptional songwriting and performance skills. This success was followed by his victory at the Susquehanna Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase in 2020, solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the folk and rock music genres.

Throughout his career, Kronen has demonstrated a relentless commitment to his craft, continuously exploring and pushing the boundaries of his musical style. His work reflects a deep understanding of musical traditions while incorporating innovative techniques and sounds. This blend of tradition and innovation has earned him a dedicated following and critical acclaim, marking him as a significant and influential figure in contemporary music.


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American Flood, Part Two
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